What is Brennae's Boarding?

​Birthed from my love of travel and enthusiasm to document my experiences wherever I venture — Brennae’s Boarding is the outlet through which I share my travel and thrilling experiences in hopes to inspire others to become more receptive and 

knowledgeable of the world as well as to live life beyond the boundaries of their comfort zone. 


Through Brennae’s Boarding  video experiences, vlogs, photography, and writing  my goal is to encourage others to learn and become more intrigued about both the similarities and differences within the wider world, while also becoming introspective of how one thinks and acts as result.

What is Boarding Media?

I have always taken a keen interest in Videography and Photography. This interest has led me to pursue this art from as my major in university as well as a regular hobby. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies with an Electronic Media focus, my love and appreciation for electronic media continued to grow until it blossomed into what is now known as Boarding Media. 


Boarding Media serves as an avenue for capturing and showcasing life-changing moments, unforgettable events, as well as individual stories and experiences through the use of videography and photography.


Boarding Media Mission:

Boarding Media aims to center around the vision of the client and collaborate with them in pursuit to execute whatever story they wish to portray.


Headshot of Brennae Spence