3 Ways To Travel Cheaper

Updated: May 19, 2020

After completing a trip this past February a lot of people have been asking me how and why I'm able to travel so often. Well, I have one simple answer...I take advantage of opportunities — especially the cheap ones!

This past trip made me realize that I not only love to travel but that I now make it a priority in my life. With travel comes so many life changing experiences and astonishing moments that leave you speechless. That alone is enough reason for me to continue on this journey that I've started.

The only way I was able to actually go on this trip, was to skip over a week of school. But the plane tickets were so cheap I didn't even consider the set back and just booked the tickets.

This brings me to the first of the three main ways I travel for cheap:

1) Travel on the Off-Season

When you travel during the off-season almost everything is cheaper. I personally consider the Off-Seasons to be around February to May and September through October because the prices are not as high as other months. During this time tickets, accommodation, and even excursions are way cheaper because there aren't a million a people booking that same time.

There is also the benefit of less tourists which decreases the chance of photobombing and over-booked restaurant reservations. 😂

My second tip is to:

2) Use public transportation or walk

Growing up in Freeport, Bahamas I always felt that there was a stigma behind walking or taking public transportation and when traveling with my family as a child we would ALWAYS rent a car.

Sometimes this may be more convenient when you're familiar with the city or country, but taking public transportation is SO much cheaper and walking is free! Also you get to authentically experience apart of the everyday routine of a local. In most cases it can also be quicker; especially if you're traveling by subway, underground or metro. (Depending on the country you're in.) It's way less stressful than renting a car and once you have data for a map app, it gives you live updates on subway time.

But, there may be sometimes when you really don't feel like walking or taking public trans so I always use Uber or Lift as a back up (sometimes taxis in countries that don't have ride sharing).

My third tip is to:

3) Travel the less conventional way

When I say "travel the less conventional way" I basically mean to travel other than by plane. Unfortunately in some cases, plane is the only available method of transportation but when it's not, it's usually the most expensive way. Try going by boat, train or even driving to your destination. Of course it may take longer but it may be worth it in order to save some money to spend for when you're actually at your destination.

Also, try traveling to destinations closer to home. It'll be cheaper than going to a destination half way across the world and you can take a trip without feeling like you really paid for one.

I always use these three methods when booking a trip and though these seem to work best for me, it all comes down to research. When we research the cheapest ways to arrive at or get around a certain destination, we can maximize our funds for activities on the trip and save for future trips!

If you used any of these tips before or if you know of any other tips or ideas on traveling cheaper leave them below, because:

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone! - Neale Donald Walsch

Hello I'm Brennae Spence, freelance videographer, photographer, and travel blogger and vlogger. Thank you for visiting my website! Click below to find out more about me!


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