TeamLab Borderless - Digital Art Museum in Tokyo: What to Know Before You Go

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

teamLab Borderless is a world of artworks without boundaries - teamLab

*Also Check out my 1 Minute Memory of teamLab Borderless, Tokyo on YouTube HERE!

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Going to teamLab Borderless was really one of the craziest things I've ever experienced. It was one of the most unique museums I ever went to and it definitely gave a glimpse of where digital art can go in the future.

I can definitely describe teamLab Borderless as an extremely immersive and interactive museum and as teamLab says they "aim to transcend the boundaries between art and people." There are so many different aspects of the museum where you can complete an action and the art responds.

One tip I would give before going, is to check which teamLab location you would want to go to (specifically in Japan). They have various locations worldwide and each one is different. There are also some locations that aren't permanent and some that have seasonal changes like the Borderless location. For example teamLab PLANETS is a location in Tokyo that is only open from Summer 2018 to Fall 2020. This location is considered to be more body immersive (you literally go barefoot and walk through water) than the Borderless location.

One of my favourite parts of the museum is that there is no specific order or path that you have to follow in order to get to the 'end' of the museum. It's just a mix of rooms that you truly have to discover on your own. This is why teamLab says, 'No two visits will be the same.' My friend Momo and I actually ended up missing three rooms and only realized after we left the museum.

Another great aspect is that there is no set amount of times you can enter a room or a time limit on how long you're able to stay in any particular room* (or the museum itself). We ended up staying about 3 hours in the museum because we literally just sat mesmerized in some rooms for like 20 minutes watching the lights.

*This is with the exception of the Forest of Resonating Lamps (one of the most popular rooms) where you have about 5 minutes inside, but you can just leave the room and go right back on the line to go inside if you really wanted to.

I can definitely describe teamLab Borderless as the museum of lights! Every room had a really cool portrayal of light.

The Crystal World was definitely my favorite room because it was an artisitic depiction of natural sound and light displayed through a maze of hanging crystals. Also through the app you can influence the art and choose whichever illustration of nature you wanted the room to portray and it would essentially come to life in the room.

As I briefly mentioned, teamLab has an app that allows you to influence certain artwork. The app also picks up your location in the museum and for some pieces, it gives a sort of museum label or explanation of the work you're seeing in real time (because a lot of pieces change periodically).

Another really cool and immersive section was the Athletic Forest.* It was like a large glow-in-the-dark- playground! They had a trampoline, slide, and even three dimensional bouldering! One of the best parts of the Athletic Forest was the Future Park where they had a "garden" section. In this section you could colour a drawing of your choice (flower, butterfly, lizard etc.), scan it, and then see your artwork come to life on the walls and floors. — Also another section we missed was the "aquarium" section in this Future Park where you could colour sea creatures and see them come to life.

*Be sure to wear flat shoes without any platform or they'll make you take off your shoes and give you another set of shoes (water shoes) to enter the Athletic Forest.

There was only one part that I didn't like about teamLab Borderless and it was that they had a room called En Tea House that you had to pay an additional fee* to enter this room. The initial entrance fee is between ¥2400-¥3200 (around $22-29) for adults and ¥1000 (around $9) for kids, but the price is dependent on what time of day you go.

*This is what the employee told us, but I think you would've only had to pay for your drink/dessert instead of paying an additional entrance fee.

My final tip is to ensure that you research about the specific teamLab location you'd want to go to. When you do your research, also check to see what all of the rooms are so that you can be confident that you won't miss any of them like we did! 😂

Overall, other than the additional fee of En Tea House, teamLab Borderless was an incredible experience and no photos or videos can really do it justice. It's unlike any museum you can ever experience and I'd encourage everyone to go to a teamLab museum if you have the opportunity.

To make sure you get to see all of the rooms at the teamLab Borderless, Tokyo location, check out this article that lists them HERE and also be sure to watch my 1 Minute Memory video below to get an inside look of the museum!

| 1 Minute Memory of teamLab Borderless, Tokyo |

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